Friday, February 24, 2006

There were over 70...

There were over 70 great crested grebes, 3 red-throated divers and a black-throated diver offshore this evening.


Seawatch list for 4.30-5pm (9 spp.)
red-throated diver (3), black-throated diver (1), great crested grebe (70+), fulmar (1w), gannet (2e), turnstone (20e), black-headed gull (200+e), herring gull (100+e), great black-backed gull (2e)

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Over 100 great crested grebes...

Over 100 great crested grebes were present close inshore. One very close flock of 38 was highly visible due to the flat calm sea and a pair even started to display. Also present were 30 red-throated divers and the great northern diver that has been present in the Bulverhythe/Glyne Gap area over the last few days.

Great crested grebes.